(Homeowners expect an interactive experience when it comes to their home projects or building a new home. Using pen and paper to schedule and manage all your jobs is tedious and traveling from job site to job site every day to check in on projects just isn’t practical.


It should come as no surprise that the future of construction project management is digital. Being able to remotely manage your jobs and communicate from afar with your team and your clients is not just convenient – it’s necessary. Here’s why:

Homeowners expect digital experiences, now more than ever

2021 Digitally Savvy Homeowner Report shows that homeowners already expected a digital experience when building or renovating but now, socially distant interactions are steadily becoming the new normal. In-person meetings are now online check-ins, and if you think that’s going to change any time soon, if at all … think again.)

Before the impacts of the coronavirus forced many companies to offer services online, the trends were already moving in that direction. Ease and efficiency are the name of the game. Today’s consumers expect more, and let’s face it, client relations can make or break your business.

So, have you met our client Portal? No? Let us introduce you.)


With E- L O G I C S I G N A T U R E Client Portal, WE can create custom logins for each of our clients, allowing them the access to check in on their project whenever and wherever they want. With the Owner Portal, Our clients will be able to track updates, see progress photos and read or send messages every day, so they know exactly where their project stands. But wait … there’s more!

In addition to the communication features, the client Portal offers your clients the ability to make their project selections and approve decisions using electronic signatures. These features ensure that your clients are always aware of their project running total and warranty information. Best of all, everything is organized and in one place for easy reference. Managing projects the old-fashioned way isn’t going to cut it

Managing multiple large jobs at once can become overwhelming and chaotic. There are the office jobs, keeping track of the warehouse, managing subs, sending purchase orders, paying invoices, not to mention the other countless day-to-day tasks for each project. With all that going on, using old-fashioned pen and paper and constant in-person job site visits aren’t going to work.

That’s where we come in